Are you confusing being busy with being productive?

consultsales_mdYou’ve all seen this salesperson.  He looks busy, complains there isn’t enough time to get everything done and has no sales results to show for his efforts.  What’s not working?

This salesperson is confusing being busy with being productive.  As a result, he is on an endless sales-gerbil wheel leading to no sales.

Here are a couple of tips from top sales producers that are busy AND productive.

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Elements of a Sales Opportunity Plan

5elementsofanSOPSellers who win consistently plan to win from the start. They’re methodical. They carefully match their sales process to the buyer’s, set goals for every meeting, and do an exceptional job of communicating value.

Top sellers build strategies to drive sales opportunities, and use planners to help guide them through to the win.

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Want Better Sales Results? Take Your Sales Process to the Next Level

salesprocess5levelsiconIn our study The Top-Performing Sales Organization, 40% of respondents said “Improving sales opportunity approach and planning” is a top priority for the next year. Along with two related initiatives—improving ability to communicate value (41%) and optimizing sales processes (32%)—these represented three of the top four sales initiative priorities altogether.

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