Increase B2B Sales By Integrating Email Marketing Strategies With Your CRM

email marketing list.jpgIf your B2B startup has graduated from spreadsheets to CRM (contact relationship management) system, congratulations. You’ve made great strides in managing relationships with prospects and customers. However, there is another crucial piece of the puzzle your business might be missing.

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Construction Industry Mailing List

The AverickMedia Concrete construction email list is an excellent marketing database that supplies the updated and verified information for your email or telemarketing campaigns. We have the construction industry mailing addresses you’re looking for to precisely target new audience for your products and services. Our highly coveted Concrete Construction Email Database allows you to reach out to an important cross-section of decision makers within any given organization.

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So if you’re interested in growing your business, contact us today.

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Boost Your Lead Generation With Dial Power – Telephone & Fax Append Services

telephone-and-fax-appendingPhone Append and Online Fax Services work basically for detecting missing and outdated telephone numbers of prospects and updating it with new and accurate data

With our enhanced Telephone and Online Fax Appending Services, you can reach desired audience type and establish contact with old prospects if you have lost their data or if it is outdated. In addition, we help you to launch new telemarketing campaigns and increase your business revenue.

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5 Changes in B2B Buying Behavior You Need to Know About

b2bbuyingbehaviorThe world around us is shifting—in virtually every way. Savvy sellers have caught on to the fact that B2B buying behavior is changing as well.

The economic downturn has had a lingering impact on the market. Corporations have caught on to new ways of staying lean and reducing costs while maintaining productivity. Coupled with the rise of the Internet and the abundance of information available to buyers, business is being conducted differently than it was just twenty years ago.

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Write emails for salesHow many emails do you receive each day? 100? 200? Now, how many of those emails do you actually read? As sales professionals, we need to put ourselves in our prospects’ shoes and really consider how to write emails that drive sales and will be read by our prospects. Just like you, your prospects don’t have time to waste so unless your email is worth reading, consider it deleted before you even press send.

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