For Deliverability, Email Hygiene Makes the Biggest Difference

Email hygiene is central to email marketing success. Leading email service providers and database_marketingconsultants know this, which is why the importance of email hygiene is emphasized in their latest reports, along with good advice for cleaning and maintaining quality databases. The biggest barrier to effective email marketing is a poor quality database, eConsultancy reports in thee Mail Marketing Census 2013 survey. This was the first time the survey asked marketers to rate their email marketing performance, and the results were “shocking,” says eConsultancy, with almost two-thirds (61 percent) rating their performance as poor or average.

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Data Cleansing and Enhancement

Improve data quality to increase marketing ROI

Data Cleansing and EnhancementThis is one aspect of the challenge businesses face as they build contact databases. While data quality is partly affected by the method of capture, data is also subject to natural decay that will cause a database to become less useful over time – even if data is captured correctly on day one.

Data decay is a costly problem that no business can escape; the cost of fixing broken databases increases as the data becomes more decayed. Additionally, the cost increases if the record is left unchecked. According to AverickMedia estimates, 20 to 30 % of business data decays each year, which means most business databases will unavoidably suffer without robust data quality initiatives.

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Goneaway Suppression – an Important Part of Data Cleansing Maintenance

Gone Away Suppression ServiceWhatever form of marketing you use and no matter what industry you are in, it all comes back to having good quality data.

If you don’t have good quality data in the first place, you will spend unnecessary amounts of time and money trying to chase dead leads. To enable your team to focus on the true potential customers you’ll need to have a thorough data cleansing programme, and this includes gone away suppression.

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address-verificationWithout clean data, your marketing campaigns will not reach their full potential.  And while many marketers believe that running their file through an address hygiene process equals a clean file, this is simply not true. Address hygiene will only tell you that the address is valid. There are a few additional steps marketers can take to improve their direct mail file before the next campaign drop.

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The Importance of Healthcare Data Cleansing and Validation

Healthcare Data Cleansing and ValidationMany of the primary trends of the past several years continue to challenge hospitals and health systems. Many providers are continuing to develop and refine their Affordable Care Act (ACA) readiness strategies by exploring a variety of innovative reimbursement models and building infrastructure for population health management (PHM). All of these initiatives will depend on data.

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