3 Reasons Why Hashed Emails are Your Greatest Digital Asset

Once upon a time, there was a king named Email and, for several years, it reignedEmail-Questions-Hashed-Email supreme over the digital marketing landscape. People checked email with fervor, valiantly slashing spam and filing important messages — jockeying for the coveted Inbox Zero. Then, something happened. Suddenly, people began to doubt Email. They fawned over a newcomer by the name of Social Media.

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What is Sticky Data and Why Do I Need It?

Today, marketers aren’t simply concerned with tracking browser behavior, we’re imagesinterested in tracking all behaviors across all platforms. We know this is the key to truly understanding what drives our customers’ decisions. Enter sticky data—your new secret weapon for capturing a wealth of customer insights, and the potential to completely transform the ways you engage with your audiences.

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Data Appending Process

The more characteristics you have data on, the more scope you have for identifying clusters of potential customers for whom differing marketing approaches may be more effective. Data Enhancement service enables you to increase the amount of data held for each company record in your databases. Data Appending service will help your organization fill in the blanks in your databases.

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Getting to a better data quality framework

people-process-technologyTo make best use of your data asset across your organization, it is essential to have a solid data quality framework to ensure that your data is accurate and complete. But all data quality management models are not created equal: different organizations have different levels of data quality maturity, depending on organizational priorities and needs.

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Boost Your Lead Generation With Dial Power – Telephone & Fax Append Services

telephone-and-fax-appendingPhone Append and Online Fax Services work basically for detecting missing and outdated telephone numbers of prospects and updating it with new and accurate data

With our enhanced Telephone and Online Fax Appending Services, you can reach desired audience type and establish contact with old prospects if you have lost their data or if it is outdated. In addition, we help you to launch new telemarketing campaigns and increase your business revenue.

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Insights from Big Data

big-dataBecoming a data-driven company. It is something many of us want to achieve today because it elicits thoughts of ultimate insight. One rarely thinks of data as being sexy, but the concept of being able to use data to accurately predict your company’s next move is pretty cool.

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