10 Email Marketing Terms You Need to Know in 2016

images (6).jpgBack in October, we published The Ultimate Email Marketer’s Glossary—a list of the top 10 data management and email marketing terms all email marketing gurus should know.Because we’ve been focusing so much on the importance of both storytelling and personalization in email marketing, it only made sense to create another

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Two Types of Email That Produce Marketing Wins

imagesMany marketers believe that there’s a timing sweet spot for emailing consumers. But Spencer Kollas disagrees. “There’s no perfect time to send an email that works across the board for all brands,” says Kollas, VP of global deliverability for Experian Marketing Services. “Every brand has a different set of customers, with different needs and preferences. What’s more important than when to send is what to send. No matter what time it is, emails need to be relevant.”

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Use Marketing Automation Tools to Increase Marketing ROI

6-Ways-Marketing-Automation-Will-Improve-Your-Inbound-Marketing-ROIThe ROI of a business is one of the largest indicators of success. Companies are in a perpetual struggle, trying to reduce investment and overhead costs, while optimizing their earnings and increasing their profit margin. Marketing automation tools are a highly effective way of enhancing the ROI of a marketing campaign, so your company can increase leads and conversions, while reducing your marketing budget. Here are some of the ways you can use automation tools to enhance marketing ROI.

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