5 Marketing Trends that will Shape 2016

YES! Mobile Marketing is Still a Big Deal

Each year the message gets stronger. Mobile technology has become a significant part of 2016.jpgour everyday lives – with predictions placing mobile users at more than 2 billion this year (Internet Retailer). We shop, search, buy and sell online from all locations at all times. We are even increasingly social online; linking with friends, business networks, brands even relationship partners! Every reputable organization simply must be mobile ready and have a strong mobile presence. Staying informed of the latest mobile trends is also handy to help stay ahead of the competition.

Content: Fast + Interactive + Bite-Sized + Visuals

Time for many remains a commodity, and brands need to come up with new ways to communicate messages — fast. In 2016, keep a lean approach to your content. Try to make it easy to follow and quick to consume.

Video is a great way to do this, even something as simple as a 20-second clip on Instagram or a 2 minute vlog (video blog) using your smartphone can do the trick. Creating content that is ‘interactive’ like quizzes, competitions or questionnaires are increasingly popular. It’s is time to think of new and clever ways to engage your audience.

Creation of the ‘Frictionless’ Experiences

This concept blends technology and the customer experience together. As customer relationships between products and brands become more tailored and intuitive – finding ways to create interactions between your brand, products and customers is integral. Leading Silicon Valley futurist Robert Scoble shares how this wave of ‘Frictionless Thinking’ [think Uber, Iconic’s online store etc] is seeing new wave of brands thrive. You must reach your customers wherever they are, speak their language and make any transactional experience as seamless as possible.

Marketing Automation Tools

Right now companies around the globe are tapping into automation tools that speed up and facilitate marketing efforts. Research indicates that particularly for B2Bs, marketing automation can have significant commercial impact (email monday). With use of these tools to help schedule posts, emails and foster leads, internal teams able to execute effective campaigns maximizing lead generation at each customer touch point.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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Ad Blockers – The digital ninja

With an increasing number of consumers installing ad-blocking tools and software, it’s time to think bigger and get creative. Customers are tired of disruptive pop up banners and obnoxious auto-play ads. In fact, statistics show that majority of pop up ads are not clicked, and are often clicked in error when this occurs (Business Insider). This should not be a terrible surprise, when you reflect on your own habits when shopping online – how do you respond to such campaigns? Herein lies a big clue – your customers want what you want. To be targeted in meaningful ways, on the right mediums with great and clever offers of value.

Article From:  mih.com.au





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