Hard Bounce Rate by Industry: The Worst Email Marketing Offenders

In email marketing, few things are as discouraging as high hard bounce rates. The hard email-bounce-back-reasonsbounce rate measures how many messages were undelivered either because the domain name doesn’t exist or the address itself fails to be recognized. A hard bounce rate is not to be confused with the soft bounce rate, which measures bounces that resulted from

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How Email Validation Works: Spam Trap Detection

Remember back in grade school when a few misbehaving students would cheat on an exam and the teacher would re-test the entire class? Even though you may not have been spam1.pnga part of the offending group, you still had to suffer the consequences. This is precisely what is happening with spam traps. Even if you’re not sending spam messages to your marketing lists, you could still end up blocked by providers due to spam traps.

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5 keys to monitoring marketing campaign response rates

You’ve spent several weeks designing a marketing campaign. From designing the piece, setting up special rate codes, promotion codes, building a consistent cross-channel
message, and scripting to the building out a highly refined selection criteria to select the lists used for the campaign.24x7-monitoring1 Out into the mail the piece goes. Up go the run of site ads. The e-mails are sent and, finally, the telemarketing follow-up takes place. Three weeks later you send a second e-mail, then finally the campaign wraps up and the promotions on the Web site return to the standard copy.

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4 Factors That Drive Email Open Rates

Every day, tens-of-billions of emails die on the vine: ignored or trashed without ever being seen. Marketers have come to expect piddly open rates as the norm, and that’s tooimages bad, because a lot of marketing email is actually pretty good. Through a combination of human expertise and machine power, emails are better designed, better written, and more likely to contain valuable content than ever before. With this evolution, there are a few factors you can control to actually get your emails opened and deliver value to users.

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4 Email Tips to Boost ROI in 2016

Everywhere you turn, there’s another statistic affirming that email marketing mayemail marketing produce a better ROI than any other digital marketing channel. It has been shown to generate an ROI of 183 percent for small businesses, according to recent reporting by VentureBeat; that number increases to 246 percent among mid-sized businesses. Also,a recent study by the DMA found that one in five companies report an ROI of 70-to-1 for their email marketing efforts.

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Direct Mailing List Service

Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters. Major corporations know that direct-mail advertising is one of the most effective and profitable ways to reach out to new and existing clients.

With our targeted direct mail, we help you reach a specific list of customers. We can help you put together a complete direct mail campaign from start to finish. We’ll help you design it, print it and deliver it to your targeted customers.

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3 tips for employing outside help for direct marketing campaigns

Giving control to a third-party creative agency may open the doors for new ideas on how to communicate with an audience. It’s also a good opportunity to test current campaigns against fresh concepts, as The Toronto Star recently learned.direct-mail-marketing-continues-to-be-an-affordable-option-for-many-smal_553_409089_1_14036448_500

At the Toronto Star, we create most of our direct marketing subscription offers in-house. From messaging to creative design, we do it all – and I think we do it well. But as well as we do it, we are always looking to improve.

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Data Cleansing and Enhancement

Improve data quality to increase marketing ROI

Data Cleansing and EnhancementThis is one aspect of the challenge businesses face as they build contact databases. While data quality is partly affected by the method of capture, data is also subject to natural decay that will cause a database to become less useful over time – even if data is captured correctly on day one.

Data decay is a costly problem that no business can escape; the cost of fixing broken databases increases as the data becomes more decayed. Additionally, the cost increases if the record is left unchecked. According to AverickMedia estimates, 20 to 30 % of business data decays each year, which means most business databases will unavoidably suffer without robust data quality initiatives.

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How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan

A marketing plan may not be at the top of every new business owner’s to-do list, but it should be. While a business plan helps map the direction for your company, a marketing plan helps your company understand how to get there by detailing important steps on the road to creating customer relationships.images (3)

“The single most important thing for a small business to include in its marketing plan is a very clear understanding of its customers and its competitors,” said Robert Thomas, professor of marketing at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

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