How to make sales during your Webinars

WebinarWebinars can be a great tool for sales professionals for a variety of reasons. First, they help establish your authority on a certain topic, making you a subject matter expert. Second, and more importantly, they provide an opportunity for you to make your sales pitch to a prime audience – an audience that has given you their permission to learn more.

Too often, however, sales professionals spoil the opportunity to make a hard sell during webinars for fear of alienating their audience. While there is a definite balance when conducting a webinar between education and selling, sales professionals need to make sure they are maximizing webinars for all they are worth.

Below we’ve offered a few tips to help you get the most out of your sales webinars. Our hope is that these tips will lead to more sales!

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How to Make Sales during Your Webinars

1.) Create a sign-up page that is compelling and tells the viewer exactly what they can expect from your webinar

Before you can launch into your sales pitch, you need an attentive audience. That is why your webinar’s signup page is so important. The more specific you can be with the concrete takeaways someone will glean from participating in your webinar, the more success you will have. Try to list out five key takeaways on the signup page to ensure you have an attentive group.

2.) Offer pertinent case studies that highlight how your product or service solved a problem

Too often, presenters during webinars rely on case studies that may or may not involve their company or they downplay how their company was involved. Think of a webinar as your time to shine. Highlight your most pertinent success stories and clearly connect how your product or service played a role. You want viewers walking away with a clear understanding of how they can solve their potential pain points, which is likely why they decided to view your webinar in the first place. If your service can be the solution, it is a win-win for both of you.


3.) Conclude your webinar with a link to a landing page that outlines your product or services

This is a fairly simple thing to do but something that is often overlooked. Instead of putting up a generic slide with your contact information while fielding questions at the end of your webinar, take viewers to a landing page on your website. This way, your products and services will be front and center for them right, making it easy for them to learn more or even purchase your service right away.

4.) Offer viewers a deal for participating in the webinar

An easy way to hook people is to offer them an incentive. If you can, provide viewers with something of value (an extended free trial or 20% off their first three months of service.) This incentive should help persuade those that may be skeptical while also thanking viewers for their time.

5.) Follow up, follow up and follow up

Finally, and this is nothing new for sales professionals, you must actively follow up. Chances are, after hosting your webinar you will have a robust list of key contacts. Periodically send this list of contacts resources and information that they may find beneficial. While they may not make a purchase right away, they can fill your pipeline for the future.

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