STUDY: #1 Inside Sales Problem and How To Solve It

Where are all the leads? Not just any leads – but good quality leads.


A good lead can be defined as a qualified prospect that is beginning to exhibit buying behavior. This ‘buying behavior’ is defined in different ways according to its respective industry. Finding enough good quality leads is the biggest challenge that inside sales managers are facing in 2015.

In an inside sales study developed by our friends at InsideSales featured in Forbes identified that quality and quantity of leads came in at #1 on the list of biggest challenges that sales managers are facing this year, right ahead of hiring the right people and keeping them motivated. Quantity of leads ranked first as an issue as well in 2012, and then now again in 2015 – a recurring theme that sales managers are working tirelessly to solve. Sales reps have echoed this concern by stating in the survey that having enough leads to contact is the top of the list of problems to solve for them as well.

Top Challenges For Sales Managers:
Top Challenges For Sales Managers:
Top Challenges For Sales Reps:
Top Challenges For Sales Reps:









It’s pretty clear – sales team are struggling with having enough quality leads to fill the top of the pipeline.

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Why are quality leads so important? Quality leads are critical for every sales team as they make the single biggest factor in maximizing productivity of any sales rep or inside sales team. Without quality leads, you don’t have sales. In addition, productivity goes down, sales effectiveness goes down and so do all sales efficiencies across every stage of the sales funnel.

For inside sales, it boils down to a numbers game at the end of the day – the higher the quality of leads that sales reps have, the higher the chance of making contact and turning them into booked appointments. The higher number of quality leads – leads with interest, willingness and ability to buy, and leads that match ideal customer personas – translates to a higher chance of a sales rep closing booking that appointment or closing that deal. Sales managers ultimately have a duty, responsibility and obligation to provide their entire sales teams with a high volume of quality leads in order to keep those reps fed and crushing their revenue numbers every year.


Just by increasing call volumes, yes the rates of booking an appointment increases…..but it’s not about making 1,000 calls / sending 1,000 emails. Rather, how do you execute 25 outbound touches with high quality leads backed by a ton of sales intelligence that empowers you to book 25 meetings and achieve a 100% conversion rate? Sales success is ultimately measured by the number of leads that ultimately convert. So if there aren’t any quality leads, the rates of conversion is going to be low. Ultimately to extract maximum conversion rates with every lead, you need to have sales intelligence, sales content customization and value-driven persistent follow up.

Generating leads is a big demand generation issue at both the sales and marketing levels. To solve this epidemic, sales teams need to “close” management on the importance of investing in high quality leads as this is a necessary investment to exceed revenue targets. By providing your sales teams with high quality leads, you can empower your sales reps to focus on what they do best – selling.

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