Why Data Quality is Crucial in Marketing

data-qualityTime and again, research has proven that almost every database in business contains duplicate data. These mistakes are introduced via a wide range of sources. Data could be entered incorrectly, spelled incorrectly, added with abbreviations or somehow altered phonetically. Often, matches are not easy to spot with the ‘naked eye’.

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Do I Need Email Intelligence for eCommerce?

email-intelligenceLike all business, eCommerce is all about relationships. But without an opportunity to engage customers in person (like you do in a brick-and-mortar store), building a relationship can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to make your email marketing as personal and impactful as possible. One excellent way to do this is through customer insight like Email Intelligence.

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Mobile Email Marketing Best Practices

Mobile Email MarketingAs mobile web is steadily becoming the main face of web as such, mobile devices are now more depended on for accessing emails. Various studies indicate that almost half the people in many digitally advanced countries access emails through mobile and a majority of this is done via smartphones. Naturally for email marketers mobile represents a new horizon of opportunities.

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